Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Mad man and A Pilot

A pilot was transporting a group of mad men from Lagos to a psychiatric facility in Bombay,India
The mad men were making noise. So, one of them went to the Pilot's Cabin;

MADMAN: Teach me how to fly an airplane! 
PILOT:ok I would, but under
one condition.

MADMAN: What is the condition?

PILOT: If you can make
your colleagues there to keep quiet and stop the noise

MADMAN : ok you will have to give me some minutes (5 minutes later, the plane was very quiet as he returned to the pilot)

PILOT: Wow!! How did you
make them to keep quiet right now, you are wonderful.

MADMAN: I opened the door and asked them to go play outside!!!
Lolz..if you were the pilot,what would you do
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