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How To Increase Her Dersire For You

So you've finally found a woman who really gets your juices flowing and gets you hot at the mere site of her, but how do you increase her desire for you and keep her out of the arms of other men who may have better relationship skills than you do?

As you're trying to keep the attraction flowing in your relationship, remember to maintain a confident attitude. Women love confidence in a man and displaying a confident self-image will boost her attraction to you.

Your attitude should be that you're the catch, and you're doing her a favor by allowing her into your life. You shouldn't cheat on her, but you should keep contact with other single, sexy women and make lots of female friends. If she knows that you have options and that she might lose you at any time, her desire will be increased and she will work harder to make sure you don't get away.

When you first start dating a woman, you try very hard to impress her; however, after a while, many men began feeling too comfortable and begin slacking. Women are obsessed with clothing and their own appearance and will quickly switch off their sex drive if you start looking sloppy, so keep yourself up, don't get complacent about your hygiene and appearance.

Women love to be showered with attention and need to feel wanted. So if you'd like her to stay around for a while, make sure she knows that she still turns you on by charming and complimenting her. Make her feel special and you'll keep her desire burning hot for you.

Keep in mind that women love challenges and, so make her work a little to be part of your life. Being a challenge to women is a good thing. Don't allow her to take you for granted, so learn to make yourself less available and more unpredictable. Women always want what they can't have, so it's important to keep balance in your relationship by continuing to do masculine things that you like, for example sports and hanging out with your buddies.

Last but not least, don't allow yourself to become a clingy, approval-seeking doormat who calls her numerous times a day and constantly showers her with gifts. If you smother her and acting insecure, she could start feeling trapped and leave anyway. Remember, insecurity is not attractive to women at all.

Using these tips could keep your woman from ever wanting to go anywhere else

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Some Signs Your Being Needy....It Scares Them Off

Women love dating men who are confident and real. They want to feel like you need them... but only if you already have your own life, your own ambitions, and your own goals. The moment a man starts getting too clingy in a relationship, a woman will run for the hills. Women are not attracted to the type of man who needs too much support, validation, and constant reinforcement from women.

Remember you are trying to attract women, not turn them off. Below are five signs that you are being needy, so if you suffer from any of these signs of neediness, you need to stop those actions immediately.

1. Overly Calling/Emailing/Texting Her
If you want to run a woman off quickly, one of the best ways to do it is to overly call, email or send text messages early in a relationship, especially when she hasn't returned any of your messages. Or you make the fatal mistake of calling the woman you're dating, and ask "Did you just call me?" after you receive a call from an unrecognized number.

You don't need to check in every two hours and calling a woman should be as spontaneous as calling one of your male friends. Call or text her once and if she doesn’t respond, you can call or text her one more time. After that, you shouldn't be calling or sending her text messages her again until she does first. Don't waste time sitting by the phone waiting for her to call you. Being strong and not contacting her and her will spark her interest and make her call you.

2. Being Overly Emotional
The overly-emotional guy shares all his feelings with women right away, always doubts himself and needs constant reassurance about his relationship, work and friendships. Most women look for a strong partner they can lean on. So if you are always leaning on her, she might doubt your ability to do this. Remember, women want a man who is confident and independent--not insecure and dependent.

3. Always Being Available
Always being available makes women think that you don't have a life of your own and actually lessens your own attractiveness, making you far less desirable. Being a challenge to women makes you more desirable. When you meet a woman you like, show interest in her, but ensure that you keep your regular schedule and don't be available every single day. Don't call so or text her too frequently and don't always answer your phone for her. If you have plans with a friend, keep those plans even if the woman you're dating asks you to do something that night.

4. Doing Whatever She Wants
Some men will let a woman walk all over them and then continue to be a doormat, giving up things they really value in an effort to align their lives with a woman’s wishes. Don't be one of them. A needy man will do whatever a woman wants. Women are not looking for a man who agrees with everything they say, and you do your relationship a good bit of damage when you show yourself to be indecisive. Men who display this behavior quickly fall into the dreaded FRIENDZONE with women and simply become one of their girlfriends in a sense.

Don't do everything she wants, even if you want to do it. Women are looking for confident men someone who can stimulate their minds and not bore them. Women are not turned on by men they can completely control. Standing up for yourself and being a man of action will lead her to respect you and find you a lot more attractive in the long run. Feel secure with yourself, believe in yourself and know you have great worth.

5. Being Too Nice to Her
Trying to please a woman all the time, showing your feelings too often and letting a woman walk all over you are clear signs that you're needy. Overly nice guys don't show the confidence or strength that women are attracted to. Although men should do nice things for women, they have to earn it first. Avoid giving a woman money or gifts too often and don't be too nice or too attached until the relationship is well established.

always use ur head

Friday, 2 December 2011

Signs She Has Lost Interest in You

Has your girlfriend suddenly started acting differently around you? Have you been trying to understand her actions but just can't seem to figure them out? Well, the reason she's been acting differently may be because she is losing interest in you.
We examined signs of a woman's low interest level in the early dating stages. But what about when you've been together for a while? If you see that your girlfriend exhibits any of the following warning signs, you have reason to be concerned.

1. She puts her girlfriends ahead of you
All women are entitled to a girl's night out here and there with their girlfriends, but if spending time with their girlfriends has begun to take priority over you and she consistently leaves you at home to gallivant in nightclubs, she is definitely losing interest in you.
2. She avoids public affection with you
If your girlfriend has allowed you to kiss her or hold her hand in public in the past and suddenly begins rejecting your advances or moves away from you without an obvious reason, you have reason to worry about her interest level in the relationship.

3. She's lost interest in sex (with you)
If she has suddenly become bored by your performance in bed and you're rarely hitting the sheets anymore, she may be wishing for someone else to rub her the right way.

4. She starts fights with you
If she has all of a sudden noticeably lowered her tolerance level for your little mistakes, constantly picks fights and turns every little thing into an argument or a disagreement, chances are her interest level has lowered and she is probably unhappy about the way your relationship is going.

5. She shows interest in other guys
If you notice your girlfriend openly checking out other guys and flirting with other men while you're right there beside her, it could be her way of sending you a subtle message that she's shopping around for another man.

6. She's put distance between you
A woman who is in a happy relationship always makes time for her partner. So if all of a sudden you don't see your girlfriend for a week or more and when she does answer your calls, she is busy and is always in a rush to get off the phone with you, something is definitely wrong.Take this as hint that she wants time apart to explore what it feels like to be away from you.

7. She's no longer affectionate toward you
If she just sits there and does nothing when you attempt to touch her and caress her or you're always the one who initiates the hand holding or hugs first, a breakup may be impending.

8. She begins saying “I” instead of “we”
If you feel like your girlfriend hardly talks, doesn’t contribute much to the conversations you have your and she starts to use “I” instead of “we” when talking about the future, this means that she does not see a future with you in it anymore.

Signs That Show You Are Being Used

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship situation where you're constantly calling the girl, taking her out and being devoted, sweet and kind to her only to get games, drama and inconsistency in return? While most women want to be with a man who treats them right and is ready for commitment, there are selfish and opportunistic women who intentionally take advantage of men and relationships. Here are  signs on how to tell if she's just using you.

1. She doesn't keep dates with you
She repeatedly tells you how interested she is and how much she wants to see you; however, when dates are scheduled, she cancels at the last minute or something always seems to come up to prevent the two of you from meeting unless she needs something from you.There's a chance this woman doesn't enjoy your company at all and is in fact using you.

2. She doesn't return your phone calls
If the girl seldom returns your calls in a timely manner, always has a busy schedule and only calls when she wants something from you or needs a favor, it should be clear that she is using you and that you are not a priority.

3. She only hangs out with you as a last resort

A woman that desires you will create time in her busy schedule to be with you. But If she only makes plans with you at the last minute, as if nothing better came her way or when plans with her friends fizzle, you're pretty much an after thought and her last resort when she's bored.

4. She's only interested in what you can give her  A normal couple alternates in buying each other dinner and gifts; however, there are many situations where women only see men as a source of movie tickets and food or, even worse--a rent check or a down payment for a car.

Ask yourself the following questions: Are you constantly buying things for her and receiving nothing in return? Do you always pay when you go out and find yourself spending more money on her than you counted on? Does she borrow money from you but never pays you back? Does she write you off whenever you're not spending money on her? If you answered yes to these, the lady in your life is a gold digger

5. Her future plans don't include you

If she only has short term plans about your relationship, gives no answer when you ask about what your relationship will be like three years from now and always avoids talking about meeting her friends or parents, she is more than likely using you to fill a temporary void in her life until someone better comes along.

Things to Text a Girl to Make Her Want You Really Bad

Are you like most guys, chasing Hot girls away with B-O-R-I-N-G text messages?
I'm gonna tell you what makes a hot girl want you AT ALL - and then we'll apply that to your text messages.

Some Key Factors That Make a Woman Want You More Than Someone Else

1. You have high value in yourself compared to other men and she senses that.
2. You are confident which reveals itself in your body language, tone of voice, and communication style.
3. You are a challenge to her. Men and women are universal in the fact that we want what we don't have.
4. You are not intimidated by her beauty. In fact, you find ways to playfully tease her about her weaknesses, whether real or imagined.
5. You make her feel something (excitement, curiosity, interest) when you communicate with her.
Most men do not have these qualities or traits. So when an attractive girl encounters a guy who does possess these qualities, it triggers her attraction and she wants that.

Let's see these traits in action that are a turn on by using the texting style, which is short, fun and flirty
Let's really raise the stakes and say you met a stunningly beautiful girl at a bar on Saturday. She knows she's hot. Guys are falling all over her.
She was closer to your buddy at the bar and she turned to him and asked, "All these guys are staring at me. Do you think I'm cute?" Your buddy didn't know what hit him and he just babbled something.
Instead you played it different and had a fun time teasing her when you answered her question by saying, "Actually they're looking at that big pimple on your forehead."
She turned toward you; laughed and hit you in the arm. Well, you easily got her number that night.
Now, you're going to play off that funny exchange when you send your first text in a day or two.

Flirty Texting Convo That Will Turn Her On
You: "Hey, I hope your skin doctor was able to remove that growth on your forehead people were staring at?"
You continue to tease her about the "pimple" she had on her forehead and pull her into the conversation in a playful way.
Her: "Ha ha. I was able to tame that beast with my own home concoctions. I thought that growth might have scared you off."
She knows your teasing and banters back. That's a good sign.
You: "I'm not saying it wasn't scary looking but I've also looked down the mouth of a volcano before and stood my ground."
This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.
Her: "Ha, ha. So you think you're Indiana Jones?
She knows how to play, too, and gives you a challenge.
You: "Sounds like you might have a whip fetish."
You don't have to answer all her questions right then. Control the convo. She'll be more curious about you - curious enough to see you again if you finish this texting exchange right.
Her: "That's for me to know and you to find out."
You: "Are you asking me out on a date? You're kinda forward."
You just switched things up on her, implying that she is pursuing you. Women love this flirty banter and it triggers attraction.
Her: "Ha, ha. Brat."
You: "Tell you what. If your forehead looks presentable, I'll let you buy me a drink at a sportsbar I usually stop at on Tuesdays."
You don't ask her or invite her on a date. You suggest she join you on your plans. Women love a man who can take the lead. It's a B-I-G TURN ON.
HER: "Ha, ha. Sounds fun."
You: "Cool, I'll call you later and let you know when and where."
You kept the convo short, fun and flirty and you triggered a deeper attraction in you.
HER: "Can't wait."
You will call her with the details because real men pick up the phone to confirm a date.
See how easy, natural and flirty this exchange was?
All women love it. You'll have the really hot ones eager to be with you when and where ever you suggest.
Why? Because most guys don't have clue about triggering attraction with texting. You'll be a breath of fresh air...and she will really want some of that!


THERE are lists of some of the preparations that you can do on your first date. Thinking about it can be challenging but I hope this list can help you get through the first and have a second, a third date or more.

Think about you will wear - prepping what you will wear in advance will make you a little relaxed when the date day comes. Make sure that it will be appropriate to the place that you are going.

Get a good rest - getting a good rest before your date will make you physically awake and lively
Listen to music - listening to good music while you are preparing can set your mood and keep you calm.

Don't Panic - hard not to panic because we all want to impress our date at first sight so try to look dazzling but don't overdo it. Look at yourself in the mirror, breath and ask yourself what else is missing.

Wear your best perfume - don't spray too much though, just put a fair amount on your wrist and a little on the back of your ear which are the strongest pulse points.

Tell your best friend - whether it's the first or the second or the third date it is better that your friends, or probably siblings know where you are going or even an idea about who you're going out with.

Fresh Breath - make sure you have fresh breath when you meet your date, I mean clean your teeth and use a mouthwash. Mint gums can also be kept on your bag in case of emergency, in case of a spicy food coming in to the table.

Make a list of good topics - you can look at your date's profile or know his/her interests, try to remember this list on your head. Try not to talk about your issues at home, at the office. Try to start a good joke or ask him some questions that can lead to a good conversation. Don't talk about yourself too much.

Don't drink too much - this is your first date and you are not just having a good time with your friends. You may want to avoid anything that can turn him off. You are on a date and not to get drunk with someone you just met in a bar. This can be your chance to change that Relationship Status from Single to In a Relationship.

Have fun - Have F U N. Remember you are on a date because you want to be happy and you want to have fun. So have a good one.


What dress to wear? What suit to wear? What hairstyle? Wait, stop right there! Stop panicking this is not the end of the world.

This is just, your FIRST DATE. Chill. Almost all of us want to give our first date a good impression. They say first that impression last so make sure you will not mess things up. While you are panicking your date might be trying his best to make everything romantic. Try to focus on your actual date, on the actual conversation that you are going to have while on a date.
  • Be Yourself - Being yourself is still much better than pretending to be someone you are not.
  • Be a good listener - This date is not just about you. You should know when to listen to your date and stop talking about yourself. This is a getting to know each other date not a get-to-know-me date.
  • Try to have fun - Be open to new date ideas. Your date night might not be the typical let's go out to dinner and movie afterwards. Your date may come up with some cool ideas that make him unique from the others.
  • Consider wearing flats - A long walk in town after dinner or a movie is another way to get to know each other and wearing heels may hinder that lovely moment that you can have.
  • Wear Sexy Undies - Who knows where this date will bring you two after all the talking, the long walks, the dinner. You don't want him to end up seeing your granny undies.
  • Make eye contact - You can tell whether the person is sincere by looking him in the eye or making eye contact. Some can fake it but it's good to know you are
  • Don't Talk about your past relationship - Nobody wants to hear your past relationship on a first date. I mean that's the reason why you are on a date right? To forget the past and move on. So try to move on and explore a new horizon.
  • Don't get ahead of yourself - your date may not be the one you are expecting but give him a chance, who knows he may not be expecting you as her date but is still trying to make a connection.
  • Don't Leave him hanging - If you want to see him again on a second date let him know that the date great was some positive words like "It was a pleasure meeting you. I had a great time." Sometimes the way you talk to them or your gestures can tell them that you are interested and had fun. On the other hand, if you're not interested don't show him you are.
  • Don't pretend to be someone you're not - If you don't eat shrimp and he loves it. Don't eat it just to please him. You may just end up with rash all over your face and that can turn him off aside from the fact that you are pretending eating shrimp is okay.
  • Don't Drink more than you can handle - This is a first date not a friend that knows the effect of alcohol in your system. A glass of wine or two will do. He may be the right guy for but you may get him turned off for drinking too much alcohol.
  • Don't Talk dirty or talk about sex - If both of you have planned about having sex then it's probably okay. It's nice to have a good conversation and that may be something to look forward to on your second date.
  • Don't text or talk on the phone - Doing this may give your date the impression that you're not interested with the person. When you need to send a very important text or make an important phone call you can excuse your self go to the bathroom or something but don't stay there for long either.

How To Approach Any Beautiful Women

So how do I approach a beautiful girl?
Well, there are countless ways you can do this. One of the most common ones that guys still use, and will continue to use for years to come is,
"Hi there, you're incredibly gorgeous. My name's John, what's yours? I'd like to get to know you better. Would you like to go to dinner with me?"
Now this is not an offensive or outrageous way of approaching a beautiful woman, but it's just BORING! She has seen this hundreds of times. What makes you any different? It's too typical for them. Any stunning woman will hear this type of line 5-10 times a day.

Try this next time,
Casually go up to hear and give her a humourous compliment on something she is wearing or doing. I like to pick something unique she is wearing like a bracelet or perhaps a tattoo. I usually like to start there. This is an approach that is safe for those conservatives.

Another I prefer is the 'Phone Opinion'. I pretend I'm talking on the phone to a buddy about his girlfriend. Then I will ask a question to a girl about our 'conversation'. It will always be about relationships like, "Who cheats more? Men or Women?" This opens up an entire afternoon of conversation. Women LOVE talking about relationships. Why do you think they love soap operas so much?

You might feel an anxiety to approach a beautiful girl. This is where I must emphasize that you must break out of your COMFORT ZONE. As with most goals in life, you'll need to do things you don't feel comfortable with. Get it in your head that you will need to deal with these anxieties and break through them.
What seems to happen a lot is that when a guy finally works up the courage to break out of his comfort zone and do something crazy to meet a woman, and it doesn't turn out the way he wanted, he'll chalk it up as a failure and feel rejected.

And in order to get rid of that feeling, he'll block out what happened, and promise never to "do that again" to protect himself from ever having to feel that way.
But it's those opportunities and experiences that teach us the most valuable lessons we can learn about women, social interaction, dating, and relationships. It's when things go wrong that you learn what NOT to do - which in many ways is just as important to know as what TO do.
Looking back on my personal experiences, I now know what NOT to do.
But the biggest lesson I learned was the idea that failure is subjective.
This is what you must realize.

Understand: In your journey to master the approach you will meet failure, rejection, and set backs.
BUT... if you are willing to focus on the positives and not the negatives, you will continue to grow and get better and meeting and attracting women.
All the best in life and women!

When to Ask a Girl to Be My Girlfriend - How to Know the Right Time To Say It

How do I know when I should ask a girl to be my girlfriend? Is there any specific length of time I should wait before asking a girl to be my girlfriend. How do I know when the time is right or if I have waited too long in asking a girl to be my girlfriend?
One of the trickiest things about dating for a guy is when to take that plunge and ask a girl to be their girlfriend. You don't want to ask too early and scare her off, but if you wait too long, she may get tired and move on. As a result, most guys wind up doing a very delicate balancing act. While there are no hard and fast rules about when to ask a girl to go steady, there are a few points that you must consider.
Be Comfortable
One of the most important things to consider is that you want to make sure that you are comfortable around each other before committing to each other. This means that you can be yourself and truly let your personality shine through. In addition, you will want to make sure that you can share your feelings with each other as you get to know each other better. Once you have reached this stage and have developed a friendship, then it is a good time to go on ask see if she wants to be a part of a committed relationship.
Have Had Some Time
Don't ask someone to be your girlfriend after the first date. While it might have been perfect and you spent all night staring lovingly into each other's eyes, you simply don't know each other well enough. You will need to have a few dates with each other in order to get to be able to know each other better.
When you are in Love
A good time to ask someone to be your girlfriend is when you can picture yourself with no one else but them. If you are starting to fall in love a girl, then it is the right time to ask before she gets frustrated with you.
When you feel yourself Change
You should ask a girl to go steady when you begin to change. This means that if you can think of no one else but her and you give her quick calls and texts throughout the day to see how she is doing. If you can't wait to see her again and have your next dates planned out, then it is time to see if she wants to be in a relationship with you.
Do so in Person
When you do decide to ask your girl to be in a committed relationship, be sure to do so in person. This is not the type of conversation you want to have over the phone, by text message or by instant messaging. Instead, you should want to look her right in the eyes so she will know what you are feeling and she can feel it, too.

What Do I Text a Girl After Getting Her Number That is Fun

Now that you have managed to get a hot girl's number you need to use the Magic Texting Formula to let her know that you are a sexy and fun guy so she will got on a hot date with you.
Girls love to text and text messaging is one of the greatest and most powerful tools for guys if you want to be successful with women today.

Use This 3-Step Texting Formula for Your First Text to that Hottie You Just Met:

Step #1: The Right Tone:
You must set the right tone in your texts. They should be short, fun and flirty.

Most guys come off sounding too nice (and nice means B-O-R-I-N-G).

Step #2: The Right Communication Style:
Men and women communicate differently. You must communicate on an emotional level with a girl for her to feel attracted to you.

Most guys make the mistake of texting a girl like they do their buddies. Wrong!

Step #3: Bust On Her or Tease Her:
You need to bust on her or tease her about something that she did or wore when you first met her.

This means that you need to remember something when you first met her to use to tease her and play off that. It could be what she wore when you met her like some really spiky shoes or a bright top or big purse.
It could be her infectious laugh or the way she wrinkles her nose or makes a face. It could be something that happened that was funny or a little embarrassing to her when you met her.

Let's see this Magic Texting Formula in action:
Let's say the girl had a big purse with her the night you met her. Girls love those big purses to throw all their stuff in. You teased her about that big purse, so this is what you're going to use when you text her in the next day or two.

You: "Hey, I was in the mall yesterday and saw something that got me thinking about you."
It doesn't matter if you really were in the mall or not. The idea is to set up the convo with making her a little curious and to pull her into the conversation. Girls love that you're thinking about them, but you're going to do this with a twist.
Her: "Oh yeah. What was that?"
You: "I passed by the magic shop and thought, Wow, that purse you had the other night could actually make a man disappear. Magic could be your perfect hidden talent."
You busted her on her huge purse and gave her something to play off of with the hidden talent comment.
Let's she if she bites.
Her: "Ha, ha. I love that purse. I don't do magic tricks but I have other hidden talents."
Perfect. You teased her and got her laughing. This is a turn on. Even better, she's flirting back. So keep up the flirty banter.
You: "Other hidden talents, huh? Should I be impressed or a little scared?"
Her: "That's for me to know and you to find out."
You: "Are you asking me out? That's kind of forward."
You just switched things up on her, implying that she is pursuing you. Women love this flirty banter and it's a turn on.
Her: "Ha, ha. Brat."
See how easy, natural and flirty that first text exchange was? Women love it and they get turned on.
Now, that sexy girl will think about you more because you stand out from all the other boring texts guys are sending her trying to get her attention. The more she thinks about you, the more she will want to be with you. Got it?


I want to ask you a quick question...
Have you ever been rejected by a woman you approached?
If you're someone who's in contact with other people and who sometimes goes out, I'm sure you have, at least one time in your life.
When I look at myself...I can only say that I've been rejected A LOT...probably HUNDREDS of times and that the feeling of getting rejected is one of the most PAINFUL and HORRIBLE ones I know, that's for sure.
Maybe you even remember a time where you got rejected when you wanted to approach a girl and actually did it.
You're walking up to her and say hi, but she only looks at you like "what the hell do YOU want from me" and turns away.
She might have even said something REALLY BAD to you like that you're the BIGGEST LOSER she has EVER met or whatever.
Now you're standing there and literally feeling like a total loser. You feel hurt inside, but she's making fun of you with her girlfriends and all the other people around you are talking now that you got rejected.
Man, I'm feeling with you here.
I remember exactly how I've always thought about only one thing in such a situation and that was:
But the most interesting question of all is:
You have just said hi, and she rejects you straightaway. For many men the fact that they will never find out why they got rejected is probably as hard as getting rejected. But I tell you something...
In this newsletter I'm gonna reveal to you some of the MOST DANGEROUS mistakes guys make when they approach a girl that cause rejection and I'm also going to show you the ULTIMATE STRATEGY for how to approach a girl to ensure you won't get rejected anymore.
So make sure you'll keep your eyes open and read that letter to the end. I promise you won't regret it.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #1:
A very important key when you approach a girl is the DIRECTION from which you come.
When guys approach a girl they usually come from the front and walk straight up to her just like a lion that has seen his bag and is now going to get it.
You have to know that with this kind of approach you're literally FALLING WITH THE DOOR RIGHT INTO THE HOUSE.
It's a very DIRECT way which ONLY works if you know how attraction works and how to trigger it right from the beginning when you approach a girl.
Otherwise she will feel straitened or taken by surprise and in the worst case kick you out of her house which means reject you THE HARD WAY.
So ONLY approach a girl from the front and walk up straight to her when you know how to do this.
If not so, then I recommend you first ring the bell before you enter the house.
Another bad way to approach a girl which I even think of the MOST DANGEROUS one is to approach her from the backside.
That's the one where a lot of bad things can happen my friend. I only want to warn you...
I speak from experience.
You walk up to a woman from the backside, tip on her shoulder with your finger and when she turns around you usually get that "WHO'S THAT ASSHOLE" or the more polite version, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" look.
You know that one? I bet you do.
But if you think about it, it's not all that strange because when somebody tips us on our shoulder we usually expect to see someone we KNOW who wants to say high, a familiar face.
But now as we're turning around we see a TOTALLY stranger, someone we haven't seen before and who looks like he wants something from us. We first hear one of the lamest pick up lines ever known by man and then a couple of the same boring questions we have heard 1000 times before.
No, I'm not often here! I wasn't born here, and no, I don't like the music the DJ is playing here!
Women have to bear this all the time so it's absolutely no wonder when they get annoyed sometimes and reject a guy who starts with this whole bunch of crap again.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #2:
So as you just have noticed, another big mistake guys make when they approach a girl or woman is using lame pick up lines that don't work.
They want to be seen as someone funny etc. and throw out a line that might be funny for THEM, but is offensive and repulsive for HER and the LAST thing she would probably do is LAUGH about it.
Here's a good example:
A guy walks up to hot girl he'd like to date, gives her 10 cents and says: "Here, take those 10 cents, call your mother and tell her that you're coming home later today."
Guys CRACK UP and break down when they hear that line because it's so FUNNY to them, but it really ISN'T for the girl.
So when you approach a girl and want to use a pick up line make sure it's one that's funny for both sides.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #3:
How do most guys, if they don't lack of confidence behave when they approach a girl or woman they feel attracted to, especially when they're drunk?
They behave in pushy or offensive ways which is highly UNATTRACTIVE to women. There are actually a whole bunch of different variations when it comes to this. Some guys try to touch a girl all the time, others become very sexually, talking and thinking only about one thing, and some act totally over interested and bombard her with questions.
What this communicates is that you don't have many options, which means that you don't have a lot of potential dating partners that you could meet and date right now.
Guys who are successful with women and dating aren't pushy or offensive. They are relaxed and in control of their sex drive. That's simply because they have sex.
There's one thing you should always remember:
So if you act in those ways she will assume that you don't have a lot of options and that other women aren't interested in meeting you. And now, she will automatically ask herself WHY she should hang out with you if nor other women don't do it.
You get it? Good.
So do me a favor and just don't do these stupid things - being pushy and offensive - anymore in the future from now on.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #4:
Many guys fear to approach a girl or woman because they don't know what to say.
And when they do approach a girl you always here the same old boring things that we all know.
Things like...
* Hi, what's your name?
* Where do you come from?
* Are you often here?
* What do you do for living?
* Do you have a boyfriend?
* Can I buy you a drink?
Bla, bla, bla...the list goes on.
I call this process "The interview mode" where guys act like a reporter who has his handout with all of this questions right in front of him.
Now when most guys do this they think THEY'RE DOING PRETTY WELL because they're keeping the conversation going and are getting some REALLY interesting facts about the other person.
Here's some proof:
Let's say a REALLY attractive young girl at the age of 16 gets approached one time per day which in reality is ridiculously few for a really attractive girl or woman, but for our example, let's just say she only gets approached one time a day.
Now if you do the math, that are 30 approaches per month, 360 per year, and 3.600 in 10 years.
So when this hot woman has become 26 years old she will have been approached 3.600 times where she had to tell the story from where she comes from, what she does and so on 3.600 times.
Do you think when you'll be #3.6001 and ask the same boring questions like all the other dudes before you that you're gonna be interesting to her and be able to spark attraction?
Come on man!
So now that I've told you some of the most common mistakes guys make when they approach a girl which usually cause rejection, I want to teach how to approach a girl THE RIGHT WAY without getting rejected.
This method is called "The Ultimate Approaching Strategy".
It's divided into a preface and 5 easy steps and if you do the things I'll tell you inside, you will be able to walk up to EVERY woman you want and start an INTERESTING conversation with her WITHOUT getting rejected ever again, guaranteed.
Sounds good? Let's go.
The Preface:
Before you approach a girl or woman, make sure you have a SOLID and STRONG Inner Game, in other words, that you are self confident.
Confidence is the GROUND FOUNDATION for everything else. If you're not confident NOTHING will probably be working for you. You can know more techniques for creating attraction and picking up women than any other guy, but if you're not confident you will STILL lose.
Make sure you mark this on your forehead.
Furthermore, make also sure that you're well groomed. You don't have to look like Brad Pitt as I always like to say, but you have to look well groomed which contains things like clean teeth and a fresh breath, a cool hairstyle without any dandruff (If you don't know what hairstyle fits you best, simply go to a stylish haircutter. They will counsel you with passion.), clean and cut finger - and toenails, and some stylish clothes (If you don't really know what stylish clothes is, simply buy a fashion magazine and look what's hip or go to a fashion store and ask for some advice.)
The very first impression is always made with the eyes and it happens within seconds. It's one of the MOST crucial things you need to master if you want to be successful when you approach a girl.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #1:
I've learned a very profound technique that lowers the risk of getting rejected tremendously when you approach a girl or woman.
It's called "The Eye Contact Test" and I got it from a guy named Joseph Matthews, who's one of the leading experts and masters when it comes to approaching women.
We all know that eye contact is important and when you approach a girl you can actually find out if she's open to meeting you or not.
Not bad, right?
So how do you do it?
I'm glad you asked.
You simply lock your eyes on the girl you'd like to approach which is nothing new since all guys are doing that when they see an attractive woman.
But we're not done yet.
There's no doubt that she will look around to scan the area. We all are doing that and sooner or later your eyes will meet each other and when that happens, you'll be locked in eye contact. Now simply smile to her and when she's smiling back, you'll know that she's open to be approached and get to know you.
It's a very simple but powerful technique which can also be done while you're walking.
You'll be surprised about how good it's working.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #2:
As I already mentioned before, many guys make the mistake of approaching a girl straight up from the front or from the backside where they're tipping with their finger on her shoulder.
Here's how to approach a girl the right way:
When you approach a girl, do it from an angle. You come from the front side, not straight up, but from an angle. It should look like you just pass by. Right in the moment where you're next to her you casually throw out your opener. (I will explain what that is in just a moment so stay with me here.)
During this process make sure you have at least a faint smile on your face because people are more attracted to other people who smile and are looking friendly. This is what scientists have found out.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #3:
Before you throw out your opener, that is the line you open her, you do something very important which is called setting your "false time constraint".
Now what do I mean with that?
Easy dude.
When some guys approach a girl they either don't know what to say or they just can't talk enough. They're talking and talking and what they're doing with that is creating the feeling inside of a woman that they're going to stay for the rest of the evening.
The woman feels cornered and straitened so she will figure out how to get rid of you, most of the time done with something that is called...
I'm sure you've heard about that one.
A false time constraint takes all doubts and the pressure away when you approach a girl. You'll actually will make her feel much more comfortable when you it.
You simply walk up to her, like I told you and before you start talking, you tell her that you only got one minute because you have to get back to your friends then, or something else.
With that you'll take away any objections she might have because she knows if YOU SUCK you'll be gone in just one minute anyhow so it's no big deal for her.
If you don't suck which will be the case with a little bit of training on your part she will of course be pleased if you stay longer than that.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #4:
So after you've set your false time constraint it's actually a good idea to say something, isn't it?
How BRILLIANT. Yes, thank you, I know.
The way you do this is simply by throwing out what is called an opener.
You've already heard me mentioning it a few times, so now I'm going into more detail and tell you what it actually is and how to do it.
An opener is just a line or a question you say to start a conversation with a stranger and break the ice. It's not there to create attraction.
There are different kinds of openers. The two most popular ones are the...
* Opinion Opener and
* Direct Opener
At the opinion opener you ask her a question and get her opinion on something. You DON'T ask usual boring questions like all the other dudes but something more interesting for example, "who lies more, men or women?"
This is a well known opener in the seduction community but you can of course come up with your own ones.
I LOVE opinion openers because you can ask women and talk with them about topics you're really interested in, like for example the dating world.
A direct opener is simply a comment you make. It can be something about the situation, her, like what she's wearing or anything else.
"Oh my god, did you see the fight outside?" is a good example for a direct opener.
If you want you can also use pick up lines as your opener. There's nothing wrong with that if they're good, which means not offensive or sexually aggressive like the one I've told you before.
The most important thing is that you don't practice the interview mode and that you have one good topic ready that you can lead into after you've thrown out your opener.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #5:
Another VERY crucial point when you approach a girl and have your first conversation, is your body language.
What many guys do, is, they lean in when they're talking to her.
Your body is in fact talking and communicating AS MUCH if not EVEN MORE than your mouth, that's why it's called BODY LANGUAGE.

And what you're communicating to women when you lean is nothing else than:
Yes...there's also the variant of "WHO WANTS TO MARRY YOU AND HAVE CHILDREN WITH YOU", but I think you get what I mean.

So instead of leaning in, LEAN BACK a little bit when you talk with her. This will show her that you're in control of yourself and are not pushy and needy.

If you use the techniques I've showed you in this letter and avoid the most common mistake I can say with confidence that you're success rate with approaching women will EXPLODE and you're very unlikely to get rejected EVER AGAIN.

How To Show A Girl Your Are Not Like Other Guys She Has Probably Met Before--You Are Different

This is a question we all ask ourselves as young men. The short and simple answer is you don't want to be unlike other guys. Maybe a little different, maybe a bit better, but what else are you if you are not a guy?

The long answer is showing a girl that you are not like other guys puts you into a weird category, mostly the friend category. To girls, guys are the opposite sex. They are supposed to like them. Guys are vulgar and (sometimes) dirty. They are somewhat childish but that's fine because guys make up for it by being a protector and a provider. She will allow you top be a little boy every now and then as long as you take care of business. Guys are never perfect but women expect that. Once you start becoming the 'perfect' guy you scare them off! They are not sure what to do or say, so they put you on the side until they can figure you out. Until then, however, she will go out with all those other guys that aren't like you!

So our advice? Be a guy, or in other words, be yourself! Don't put yourself on another level that she's not comfortable dealing with. Relationships grow and always become something else other than what they started. The situations you two will eventually go through will help determine how good of a guy you truly are, but you need to find out what she thinks a good guy is. Refrain from being to friendly by throwing in some criticism here and there. The more you say they are perfect the more they think you are lying. Girls know when there is something wrong, just don't point it out in front of everyone and don't point out things she cannot possibly change.

Finally, don't put a label on anything so fast. You will limit all the fun things you and her can do if you are boyfriend and girlfriend. You can have a much better time but just being around and letting things happen. Let her know that you are interested in her, but don't go too far and start doing every little thing for her and do not go out of your way to do anything for her. Sounds strange but once again she will feel awkward especially if she doesn't feel like she deserves it.

How to Apologize to Your friend - Few things That You Need to Know!

Most of you girls have been in this situation! You and your boyfriend have just had a fight; a really bad fight. In the midst of anger, you have probably said some things that you shouldn't have and he has probably said some things to you too that are hurtful and make you feel like crying. But even though these cruel words are exchanged, you want to make everything right again. You love him and care about the relationship that you have with him so much that you would do anything to salvage the situation.

There are ways to apologize to your boyfriend but the tips used that I am going to explain to you in this article will help you make the job of apologizing much easier and less humiliating.
So without any further ado, here are these tips that will get your boyfriend back and let him forgive you faster.

1) Make your apology sincere. You must apologize sincerely, especially if you are the one in the wrong. If you do not feel that you are at fault, then I would caution you not to apologize as this may hurt you later on. The reason it might hurt you later on is that by apologizing when you don't need to may cause some later bitterness and bad feeling. And those kinds of feelings will only hurt your relationship in the future.

2) Try to understand his side of the situation. Because there are two sides to every story, it will help you to see things from his perspective. Explain to him that you understand his perspective and express to him that you know why he is angry.
3) It is important to choose a good time to apologize. If you apologize to him when he is still angry, the less chance that he will believe or accept your apology. You may need to wait a little while to let things simmer down. For a greater chance of him accepting your apology, choose a quiet time and place to apologize and make sure that he has calmed down when you apologize.

4) Giving your boyfriend a gesture always works well. If for example, you take the time and energy to write down your feelings in a card or letter, this may seem to your boyfriend that you are sincere and heartfelt and will only make him feel that you are putting in the effort to apologize. This in turn will allow him to see you in a positive light and make him love you all over again. Once you have apologized to his face, let him go away alone with your letter. The letter will sweeten the apology even more and this tactic will help you get him back faster.

5) The last thing is acceptance. You need to realize that even if you put all the above into action, he just might not accept your apology. In some situations depending on what has happened, he just may need a longer time for the bad feelings to simmer. After this time has passed, he may feel less strongly about the fault at hand and may then forgive you. However, even after time has passed and he doesn't forgive you, you need to be prepared for this reaction. Accept the change in the relationship and try to move on. Don't dwell on what might or could have been.

If you try the above tips, you are closer to letting him forgive you than by not taking the above advice.
I say good luck to you and if you were truly meant to be together, then things will work out in its own time

Learn How You Can Get Your Boyfriend Back With An Apology?


Get Your Boyfriend Back With An Apology? Apologize The Right Way If You Want To Get Him Back Fast.


Did your boyfriend break up with you over a mistake you made? Is he refusing to listen to you when you try to tell him you'll change and never do it again? Is he not answering your calls or texts anymore? Do you know if you could just get him to talk to you that you could fix the problem and you guys could get back together? Here's how to get your boyfriend back with an apology and make sure that this type of situation never happens again!

Address the real issues: Many times break ups don't really happen just because of one problem. They tend to happen because of a lot of other problems that have built up, and then the final issue just opens the floodgates. While it is good for you to apologize to your boyfriend for whatever you did that caused the break up, you also have to realize that you want to stay together for the long haul. This means that the other issues need to be addressed as well.

Apologize for the right reason: Don't just apologize to your boyfriend to get him back. Apologize because you are sincerely sorry for what happened. If you are only apologizing to get him back, then he will see through it and won't give you a second chance to make things right.

Don't Make Excuses: Even though you might have a good reason for whatever you did that made your boyfriend break up with you, he isn't going to want to hear it. You have to avoid making excuses for your behavior while you are apologizing. It is better to sincerely apologize and let the justifications go. Even if you didn't intend for your boyfriend to be hurt by your actions, the outcome is still the same, and he needs to know you are truly sorry.

Don't expect immediate results: Getting your ex boyfriend back won't happen immediately. Even though you can get your boyfriend back with an apology, that is really just the first step. Most of the time your boyfriend will still have some resentment and hurt feelings. He might not even accept your apology at first. The good news is that apologizing the right way and for the right reasons will never make your situation worse. But you need to give him time to think about things and decide that he can forgive you.


You were in a relationship and now it has ended. How do you get back with your ex boyfriend? How do you convince him that your relationship was special and is worth saving? Here are some proven tips.

First of all you have to accept that you were both at fault for your break up. Relationships take two people and so do break ups. For example, if he cheated you were not giving him the attention he needed so he went elsewhere. If you cheated then he wasn't giving you what you needed. While the person that cheated is morally wrong, the actual fault lies with both of you.

Now it's time to forgive and forget. You have to let go of the anger, resentment, and pain associated with your break up. While it's natural to feel those things, you have to let them go. Put those feelings behind you and don't bring up the incident again. It's not easy, but it is necessary in order to get back with your ex boyfriend and rebuild your relationship.

Next you need to apologize. Know what you're apologizing for and mean it. Don't just say the words for the sake of saying them. Think about what lead up to and caused your break up. Admit to your mistakes and vow not to make them again. You not only have to be willing to accept your errors and apologize for them, you have to keep from repeating them in the future.

Be ready to chase him, but just a little. Don't barrage him with a flood of calls or texts and don't constantly "happen" to show up wherever he is. Just gently let him know you are still interested in him and want to get back together. If you move too fast or show too much interest you run the risk of chasing him further away. Be patient and just let things happen.

Be Patient
Be prepared to be his friend. Just because you are ready to get back into a relationship does not necessarily mean he is. It could take him some time to work through his feelings. It can take some time to rebuild the trust and comfort you shared in your relationship. Give him the time and space he needs. Let him take time to get to know you again. Be his friend but don't pressure him. He will appreciate you for it. AND YOU BOTH WILL DEFINITELY MAKE UP


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How to make him to like you? This is one question that keeps bothering a hundred million (ignore the exaggeration) girls all over the world!
So how do you actually go about getting him interested in you while not being too obvious? Here's how:
Remember that you want him to like you and not somebody you can pretend to be. Guys really like women who can be themselves and who are not scared or ashamed of being truthful about themselves. In the long run (if you plan to go in for it), being yourself and clearly projecting yourself helps in building trust, evading misunderstandings and also makes your partner respect you.

As the saying goes. “First impression is the LAST impression” and there is no denying about it! Also, do not ever forget that the way you dress up has a lot to do with your first impression. Rather it constitutes a major part of each and every impression of yours, be it first, second or for that matter, the impression. Always dress up according to the occasion, according to your body type and wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Men like women who carry themselves well more than they like women they can call “hot”!
It's true that you are not supposed to go overboard but that doesn't mean that you sell yourself short. Let him see that you're intelligent, smart and a good person. Nothing appeals to a man more than these qualities.
Also what he needs to see is that you are interested in him. Let him know, by means of your womanly weapons - your gossip monger friends, those eye contacts, the extra attention - whatever it takes, that he is the subject of your attention - at least for the time being.
Since you like him, it is presumed that you've done your bit of research on him. So, if finally “the” moment of conversation comes - courtesy your common friends, then you must not go mum! Be prepared with something to talk about. Practice a few conversation starters (not the cheesy ones). If you can keep him busy with talks that don't piss him off, it will, undoubtedly, work in your favor!


You think you have done a lot of research about the ideal first date. Really? Just think again! 

Have you really prepared yourself to make your first date a magical one? You have read a lot, may be more than a lot about what to do on your first date. But did you once think about those things that are never, mind it, NEVER, to be done on a date, especially on your first date? If no, then read on because it is rightly said, “PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE”!

Never Brag about Yourself: Selling yourself short? No. But bragging about yourself? A big no! Bragging or boasting is a big turn off! It's true that you need to talk about yourself and let him know what you are because that is how you get to know each other. But, there is a fine line between talking and bragging and you need to maintain that. After all, you don't want him to go home with an impression that you are self-obsessed!

Never Pretend to Be Someone that you are not: This is pretty simple. Just be yourself on a date. You want the other person to love you and respect you for who you are and not for something that you are-but just temporarily!

Let Past Be Past: So you think that he is just the guy and that you want to spend your entire life with him and that he deserves to know everything about you. Hang on! Remember, it's just a date, that too your first date. You may, rather you should tell him about your past (if any) eventually when you see that the two of you are getting into a relationship but talking about your ex on your first date will only piss him off and even if it doesn't piss him off, trust us, it won't do you any good either!

Do Not Get Drunk: This is one golden rule of the first date: DO NOT GET DRUNK. You tend to do a lot of wrong things when you're drunk! A little social drinking is cool but getting high…ahem ahem…u can surely let that pass!

Do Not Try To Get Touchy: Mt aintain a certain necessary distance with him. If you feel the urge to hug him or kiss him, wait till the end of the date. Even at the end, if you have to then kiss him on the cheek and be the first one to move off from a hug. If you push yourself too much onto him, then BEWARE! He might just get the wrong signal!


Relationships, even though you'd never want them to, may actually go awry. In fact, from being just bad they may become rotten or complicated or unhealthy or even worse, abusive! A bad relationship, no matter how prolonged it is, does no good to any of the partners. Because, ultimately what matters in life is quality and not just quantity!
And when you are in an unhealthy relationship, it's time that you call it quits before it turns abusive.
Here are the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Read and compare your relationship (with fingers crossed) to find out if it is time to part ways:

Communication is the life blood of any relationship. As long as you can openly and freely communicate, problems are bound to stay at bay. But when you or your partner feel that it has become nearly impossible to convey your thoughts and feelings to each other, then it is time to pause and think.
The good part, though, is that communication issues can be actually resolved by confronting each other. If you attempt to, it may actually start working again!

It is true that as a relationship matures, the coochy-coo vanishes but intimacy is more than that. It could be a simple holding of hands, a hug or a flower given as a gift for no reason. When you find yourself saying “earlier when this would happen, you would do this...” at a lot of instances, please understand that something g is going wrong! The magic mantra to get out of it is again talking to your partner.

Nothing kills more than a sad love life and the feeling of being taken for granted, is just a part of it. If your partner pays no attention towards your feelings but falls on you for everything, you need to tell him that it is a two-way thing that he is into and not a self-comforting therapy.

There is absolutely no reason to stay with somebody who is violent. If the person cannot respect you so much so as to protect you from any physical harm, rather he is the one harming you, then he is certainly not worth your love. In fact, instances of physical abuse must be reported as criminal offence to the designated authorities despite all odds

So you thought that today, no matter what, we'll not fight. And yet again you see that the two of you are in a heated argument, and you are walking back home with all the sadness, frustration and depression that you had vowed that you'll leave behind has again cropped up around you, it is time that you should let go of it. Give yourself some space, some time and some life. Walk out of the sadness and shine.

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