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I want to ask you a quick question...
Have you ever been rejected by a woman you approached?
If you're someone who's in contact with other people and who sometimes goes out, I'm sure you have, at least one time in your life.
When I look at myself...I can only say that I've been rejected A LOT...probably HUNDREDS of times and that the feeling of getting rejected is one of the most PAINFUL and HORRIBLE ones I know, that's for sure.
Maybe you even remember a time where you got rejected when you wanted to approach a girl and actually did it.
You're walking up to her and say hi, but she only looks at you like "what the hell do YOU want from me" and turns away.
She might have even said something REALLY BAD to you like that you're the BIGGEST LOSER she has EVER met or whatever.
Now you're standing there and literally feeling like a total loser. You feel hurt inside, but she's making fun of you with her girlfriends and all the other people around you are talking now that you got rejected.
Man, I'm feeling with you here.
I remember exactly how I've always thought about only one thing in such a situation and that was:
But the most interesting question of all is:
You have just said hi, and she rejects you straightaway. For many men the fact that they will never find out why they got rejected is probably as hard as getting rejected. But I tell you something...
In this newsletter I'm gonna reveal to you some of the MOST DANGEROUS mistakes guys make when they approach a girl that cause rejection and I'm also going to show you the ULTIMATE STRATEGY for how to approach a girl to ensure you won't get rejected anymore.
So make sure you'll keep your eyes open and read that letter to the end. I promise you won't regret it.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #1:
A very important key when you approach a girl is the DIRECTION from which you come.
When guys approach a girl they usually come from the front and walk straight up to her just like a lion that has seen his bag and is now going to get it.
You have to know that with this kind of approach you're literally FALLING WITH THE DOOR RIGHT INTO THE HOUSE.
It's a very DIRECT way which ONLY works if you know how attraction works and how to trigger it right from the beginning when you approach a girl.
Otherwise she will feel straitened or taken by surprise and in the worst case kick you out of her house which means reject you THE HARD WAY.
So ONLY approach a girl from the front and walk up straight to her when you know how to do this.
If not so, then I recommend you first ring the bell before you enter the house.
Another bad way to approach a girl which I even think of the MOST DANGEROUS one is to approach her from the backside.
That's the one where a lot of bad things can happen my friend. I only want to warn you...
I speak from experience.
You walk up to a woman from the backside, tip on her shoulder with your finger and when she turns around you usually get that "WHO'S THAT ASSHOLE" or the more polite version, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" look.
You know that one? I bet you do.
But if you think about it, it's not all that strange because when somebody tips us on our shoulder we usually expect to see someone we KNOW who wants to say high, a familiar face.
But now as we're turning around we see a TOTALLY stranger, someone we haven't seen before and who looks like he wants something from us. We first hear one of the lamest pick up lines ever known by man and then a couple of the same boring questions we have heard 1000 times before.
No, I'm not often here! I wasn't born here, and no, I don't like the music the DJ is playing here!
Women have to bear this all the time so it's absolutely no wonder when they get annoyed sometimes and reject a guy who starts with this whole bunch of crap again.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #2:
So as you just have noticed, another big mistake guys make when they approach a girl or woman is using lame pick up lines that don't work.
They want to be seen as someone funny etc. and throw out a line that might be funny for THEM, but is offensive and repulsive for HER and the LAST thing she would probably do is LAUGH about it.
Here's a good example:
A guy walks up to hot girl he'd like to date, gives her 10 cents and says: "Here, take those 10 cents, call your mother and tell her that you're coming home later today."
Guys CRACK UP and break down when they hear that line because it's so FUNNY to them, but it really ISN'T for the girl.
So when you approach a girl and want to use a pick up line make sure it's one that's funny for both sides.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #3:
How do most guys, if they don't lack of confidence behave when they approach a girl or woman they feel attracted to, especially when they're drunk?
They behave in pushy or offensive ways which is highly UNATTRACTIVE to women. There are actually a whole bunch of different variations when it comes to this. Some guys try to touch a girl all the time, others become very sexually, talking and thinking only about one thing, and some act totally over interested and bombard her with questions.
What this communicates is that you don't have many options, which means that you don't have a lot of potential dating partners that you could meet and date right now.
Guys who are successful with women and dating aren't pushy or offensive. They are relaxed and in control of their sex drive. That's simply because they have sex.
There's one thing you should always remember:
So if you act in those ways she will assume that you don't have a lot of options and that other women aren't interested in meeting you. And now, she will automatically ask herself WHY she should hang out with you if nor other women don't do it.
You get it? Good.
So do me a favor and just don't do these stupid things - being pushy and offensive - anymore in the future from now on.
How To Approach A Girl - Mistake #4:
Many guys fear to approach a girl or woman because they don't know what to say.
And when they do approach a girl you always here the same old boring things that we all know.
Things like...
* Hi, what's your name?
* Where do you come from?
* Are you often here?
* What do you do for living?
* Do you have a boyfriend?
* Can I buy you a drink?
Bla, bla, bla...the list goes on.
I call this process "The interview mode" where guys act like a reporter who has his handout with all of this questions right in front of him.
Now when most guys do this they think THEY'RE DOING PRETTY WELL because they're keeping the conversation going and are getting some REALLY interesting facts about the other person.
Here's some proof:
Let's say a REALLY attractive young girl at the age of 16 gets approached one time per day which in reality is ridiculously few for a really attractive girl or woman, but for our example, let's just say she only gets approached one time a day.
Now if you do the math, that are 30 approaches per month, 360 per year, and 3.600 in 10 years.
So when this hot woman has become 26 years old she will have been approached 3.600 times where she had to tell the story from where she comes from, what she does and so on 3.600 times.
Do you think when you'll be #3.6001 and ask the same boring questions like all the other dudes before you that you're gonna be interesting to her and be able to spark attraction?
Come on man!
So now that I've told you some of the most common mistakes guys make when they approach a girl which usually cause rejection, I want to teach how to approach a girl THE RIGHT WAY without getting rejected.
This method is called "The Ultimate Approaching Strategy".
It's divided into a preface and 5 easy steps and if you do the things I'll tell you inside, you will be able to walk up to EVERY woman you want and start an INTERESTING conversation with her WITHOUT getting rejected ever again, guaranteed.
Sounds good? Let's go.
The Preface:
Before you approach a girl or woman, make sure you have a SOLID and STRONG Inner Game, in other words, that you are self confident.
Confidence is the GROUND FOUNDATION for everything else. If you're not confident NOTHING will probably be working for you. You can know more techniques for creating attraction and picking up women than any other guy, but if you're not confident you will STILL lose.
Make sure you mark this on your forehead.
Furthermore, make also sure that you're well groomed. You don't have to look like Brad Pitt as I always like to say, but you have to look well groomed which contains things like clean teeth and a fresh breath, a cool hairstyle without any dandruff (If you don't know what hairstyle fits you best, simply go to a stylish haircutter. They will counsel you with passion.), clean and cut finger - and toenails, and some stylish clothes (If you don't really know what stylish clothes is, simply buy a fashion magazine and look what's hip or go to a fashion store and ask for some advice.)
The very first impression is always made with the eyes and it happens within seconds. It's one of the MOST crucial things you need to master if you want to be successful when you approach a girl.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #1:
I've learned a very profound technique that lowers the risk of getting rejected tremendously when you approach a girl or woman.
It's called "The Eye Contact Test" and I got it from a guy named Joseph Matthews, who's one of the leading experts and masters when it comes to approaching women.
We all know that eye contact is important and when you approach a girl you can actually find out if she's open to meeting you or not.
Not bad, right?
So how do you do it?
I'm glad you asked.
You simply lock your eyes on the girl you'd like to approach which is nothing new since all guys are doing that when they see an attractive woman.
But we're not done yet.
There's no doubt that she will look around to scan the area. We all are doing that and sooner or later your eyes will meet each other and when that happens, you'll be locked in eye contact. Now simply smile to her and when she's smiling back, you'll know that she's open to be approached and get to know you.
It's a very simple but powerful technique which can also be done while you're walking.
You'll be surprised about how good it's working.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #2:
As I already mentioned before, many guys make the mistake of approaching a girl straight up from the front or from the backside where they're tipping with their finger on her shoulder.
Here's how to approach a girl the right way:
When you approach a girl, do it from an angle. You come from the front side, not straight up, but from an angle. It should look like you just pass by. Right in the moment where you're next to her you casually throw out your opener. (I will explain what that is in just a moment so stay with me here.)
During this process make sure you have at least a faint smile on your face because people are more attracted to other people who smile and are looking friendly. This is what scientists have found out.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #3:
Before you throw out your opener, that is the line you open her, you do something very important which is called setting your "false time constraint".
Now what do I mean with that?
Easy dude.
When some guys approach a girl they either don't know what to say or they just can't talk enough. They're talking and talking and what they're doing with that is creating the feeling inside of a woman that they're going to stay for the rest of the evening.
The woman feels cornered and straitened so she will figure out how to get rid of you, most of the time done with something that is called...
I'm sure you've heard about that one.
A false time constraint takes all doubts and the pressure away when you approach a girl. You'll actually will make her feel much more comfortable when you it.
You simply walk up to her, like I told you and before you start talking, you tell her that you only got one minute because you have to get back to your friends then, or something else.
With that you'll take away any objections she might have because she knows if YOU SUCK you'll be gone in just one minute anyhow so it's no big deal for her.
If you don't suck which will be the case with a little bit of training on your part she will of course be pleased if you stay longer than that.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #4:
So after you've set your false time constraint it's actually a good idea to say something, isn't it?
How BRILLIANT. Yes, thank you, I know.
The way you do this is simply by throwing out what is called an opener.
You've already heard me mentioning it a few times, so now I'm going into more detail and tell you what it actually is and how to do it.
An opener is just a line or a question you say to start a conversation with a stranger and break the ice. It's not there to create attraction.
There are different kinds of openers. The two most popular ones are the...
* Opinion Opener and
* Direct Opener
At the opinion opener you ask her a question and get her opinion on something. You DON'T ask usual boring questions like all the other dudes but something more interesting for example, "who lies more, men or women?"
This is a well known opener in the seduction community but you can of course come up with your own ones.
I LOVE opinion openers because you can ask women and talk with them about topics you're really interested in, like for example the dating world.
A direct opener is simply a comment you make. It can be something about the situation, her, like what she's wearing or anything else.
"Oh my god, did you see the fight outside?" is a good example for a direct opener.
If you want you can also use pick up lines as your opener. There's nothing wrong with that if they're good, which means not offensive or sexually aggressive like the one I've told you before.
The most important thing is that you don't practice the interview mode and that you have one good topic ready that you can lead into after you've thrown out your opener.
"Ultimate Approaching Strategy" - Step #5:
Another VERY crucial point when you approach a girl and have your first conversation, is your body language.
What many guys do, is, they lean in when they're talking to her.
Your body is in fact talking and communicating AS MUCH if not EVEN MORE than your mouth, that's why it's called BODY LANGUAGE.

And what you're communicating to women when you lean is nothing else than:
Yes...there's also the variant of "WHO WANTS TO MARRY YOU AND HAVE CHILDREN WITH YOU", but I think you get what I mean.

So instead of leaning in, LEAN BACK a little bit when you talk with her. This will show her that you're in control of yourself and are not pushy and needy.

If you use the techniques I've showed you in this letter and avoid the most common mistake I can say with confidence that you're success rate with approaching women will EXPLODE and you're very unlikely to get rejected EVER AGAIN.


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