Thursday, 1 December 2011


Have you thought of how to get a girl friend and keep her so that she becomes yours as you have ever desired? There are many ways in how to get a girlfriend and keep her in no more cost. And most of them have to do with a lot of stupid tricks and other stuffs that just plain do not work. What I am going to show you in this write up are a few good solid tactics to getting a girlfriend who you feel is worthy of you and you will love her as you wish you could.
Many guys end up just settling for a girl. They find someone who is needy or takes advantages of them and they think that this is the best they can do. In reality what they have done is accepted something that will not work out. In the end either you or the girl, will leave the relationship. It just will not work for the long-term or work as you have ever wanted it to be. So in a nutshell, do your best not to settle.
So you may then ask, "how do I get a girlfriend that is worthy of me?" And I will ask you, "What do you envision to be a worthy girlfriend?" It sound strange, but this is where you need to start. You have to first visualize what you feel is worthy. Does she have to be beautiful? Does she have to be smart? What kind of job should she have? I want you to make a list and define who you think is worthy of you. Stay away from things like money or branded clothing. Below is an example of the list I would make if I was trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend.
1) She needs to be pretty.
2) She needs to be caring.
3) She needs to be family oriented.
4) She needs to have a respectable job (No strippers, etc.)
5) She needs to believe in long term commitments.

I want you to start your list and make it bigger than this one above. All I did was create a starting point for you. I want you to visualize this girl as you write your own list.
How to get a girlfriend inside your own head is the easy part. You have probably done this already a number of times, but never wrote it down. Now it is time to work on you. You need to work on your confidence and to do this you need to tell yourself that you are worthy of finding a person exactly as you described. If you have problem walking up to a girl and talking to her, then this confidence building exercise is going to help you. Beautiful girls only respond to a confident guy.

Look at yourself in the mirror and concentrate on your face. Look for all the good traits and focus on those. Work on keeping your shoulders relaxed. You can do this by reaching your fingers to the ground. This will lower your shoulders and train you to walk with them relaxed.

Next I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Look at your eyebrows and your eyes. Now stop smiling and keep your eyes and eyebrows somewhat the same. Learn to keep your face like this, when you walk into a room or see a girl for the first time, you will be smiling with your eyes. This is a big turn on for girls. A relaxed walking style is also important. Put them together and you have a winning first impression.

Now you know how to get a girlfriend. You need to practice these things before trying them out in real life. You are going to be surprised at the changes you will see in yourself and also in the kind of girls you attract.


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