Monday, 12 December 2011

How To Increase Her Dersire For You

So you've finally found a woman who really gets your juices flowing and gets you hot at the mere site of her, but how do you increase her desire for you and keep her out of the arms of other men who may have better relationship skills than you do?

As you're trying to keep the attraction flowing in your relationship, remember to maintain a confident attitude. Women love confidence in a man and displaying a confident self-image will boost her attraction to you.

Your attitude should be that you're the catch, and you're doing her a favor by allowing her into your life. You shouldn't cheat on her, but you should keep contact with other single, sexy women and make lots of female friends. If she knows that you have options and that she might lose you at any time, her desire will be increased and she will work harder to make sure you don't get away.

When you first start dating a woman, you try very hard to impress her; however, after a while, many men began feeling too comfortable and begin slacking. Women are obsessed with clothing and their own appearance and will quickly switch off their sex drive if you start looking sloppy, so keep yourself up, don't get complacent about your hygiene and appearance.

Women love to be showered with attention and need to feel wanted. So if you'd like her to stay around for a while, make sure she knows that she still turns you on by charming and complimenting her. Make her feel special and you'll keep her desire burning hot for you.

Keep in mind that women love challenges and, so make her work a little to be part of your life. Being a challenge to women is a good thing. Don't allow her to take you for granted, so learn to make yourself less available and more unpredictable. Women always want what they can't have, so it's important to keep balance in your relationship by continuing to do masculine things that you like, for example sports and hanging out with your buddies.

Last but not least, don't allow yourself to become a clingy, approval-seeking doormat who calls her numerous times a day and constantly showers her with gifts. If you smother her and acting insecure, she could start feeling trapped and leave anyway. Remember, insecurity is not attractive to women at all.

Using these tips could keep your woman from ever wanting to go anywhere else


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