Friday, 2 December 2011


What dress to wear? What suit to wear? What hairstyle? Wait, stop right there! Stop panicking this is not the end of the world.

This is just, your FIRST DATE. Chill. Almost all of us want to give our first date a good impression. They say first that impression last so make sure you will not mess things up. While you are panicking your date might be trying his best to make everything romantic. Try to focus on your actual date, on the actual conversation that you are going to have while on a date.
  • Be Yourself - Being yourself is still much better than pretending to be someone you are not.
  • Be a good listener - This date is not just about you. You should know when to listen to your date and stop talking about yourself. This is a getting to know each other date not a get-to-know-me date.
  • Try to have fun - Be open to new date ideas. Your date night might not be the typical let's go out to dinner and movie afterwards. Your date may come up with some cool ideas that make him unique from the others.
  • Consider wearing flats - A long walk in town after dinner or a movie is another way to get to know each other and wearing heels may hinder that lovely moment that you can have.
  • Wear Sexy Undies - Who knows where this date will bring you two after all the talking, the long walks, the dinner. You don't want him to end up seeing your granny undies.
  • Make eye contact - You can tell whether the person is sincere by looking him in the eye or making eye contact. Some can fake it but it's good to know you are
  • Don't Talk about your past relationship - Nobody wants to hear your past relationship on a first date. I mean that's the reason why you are on a date right? To forget the past and move on. So try to move on and explore a new horizon.
  • Don't get ahead of yourself - your date may not be the one you are expecting but give him a chance, who knows he may not be expecting you as her date but is still trying to make a connection.
  • Don't Leave him hanging - If you want to see him again on a second date let him know that the date great was some positive words like "It was a pleasure meeting you. I had a great time." Sometimes the way you talk to them or your gestures can tell them that you are interested and had fun. On the other hand, if you're not interested don't show him you are.
  • Don't pretend to be someone you're not - If you don't eat shrimp and he loves it. Don't eat it just to please him. You may just end up with rash all over your face and that can turn him off aside from the fact that you are pretending eating shrimp is okay.
  • Don't Drink more than you can handle - This is a first date not a friend that knows the effect of alcohol in your system. A glass of wine or two will do. He may be the right guy for but you may get him turned off for drinking too much alcohol.
  • Don't Talk dirty or talk about sex - If both of you have planned about having sex then it's probably okay. It's nice to have a good conversation and that may be something to look forward to on your second date.
  • Don't text or talk on the phone - Doing this may give your date the impression that you're not interested with the person. When you need to send a very important text or make an important phone call you can excuse your self go to the bathroom or something but don't stay there for long either.


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