Friday, 2 December 2011

How to Apologize to Your friend - Few things That You Need to Know!

Most of you girls have been in this situation! You and your boyfriend have just had a fight; a really bad fight. In the midst of anger, you have probably said some things that you shouldn't have and he has probably said some things to you too that are hurtful and make you feel like crying. But even though these cruel words are exchanged, you want to make everything right again. You love him and care about the relationship that you have with him so much that you would do anything to salvage the situation.

There are ways to apologize to your boyfriend but the tips used that I am going to explain to you in this article will help you make the job of apologizing much easier and less humiliating.
So without any further ado, here are these tips that will get your boyfriend back and let him forgive you faster.

1) Make your apology sincere. You must apologize sincerely, especially if you are the one in the wrong. If you do not feel that you are at fault, then I would caution you not to apologize as this may hurt you later on. The reason it might hurt you later on is that by apologizing when you don't need to may cause some later bitterness and bad feeling. And those kinds of feelings will only hurt your relationship in the future.

2) Try to understand his side of the situation. Because there are two sides to every story, it will help you to see things from his perspective. Explain to him that you understand his perspective and express to him that you know why he is angry.
3) It is important to choose a good time to apologize. If you apologize to him when he is still angry, the less chance that he will believe or accept your apology. You may need to wait a little while to let things simmer down. For a greater chance of him accepting your apology, choose a quiet time and place to apologize and make sure that he has calmed down when you apologize.

4) Giving your boyfriend a gesture always works well. If for example, you take the time and energy to write down your feelings in a card or letter, this may seem to your boyfriend that you are sincere and heartfelt and will only make him feel that you are putting in the effort to apologize. This in turn will allow him to see you in a positive light and make him love you all over again. Once you have apologized to his face, let him go away alone with your letter. The letter will sweeten the apology even more and this tactic will help you get him back faster.

5) The last thing is acceptance. You need to realize that even if you put all the above into action, he just might not accept your apology. In some situations depending on what has happened, he just may need a longer time for the bad feelings to simmer. After this time has passed, he may feel less strongly about the fault at hand and may then forgive you. However, even after time has passed and he doesn't forgive you, you need to be prepared for this reaction. Accept the change in the relationship and try to move on. Don't dwell on what might or could have been.

If you try the above tips, you are closer to letting him forgive you than by not taking the above advice.
I say good luck to you and if you were truly meant to be together, then things will work out in its own time


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