Friday, 2 December 2011


THERE are lists of some of the preparations that you can do on your first date. Thinking about it can be challenging but I hope this list can help you get through the first and have a second, a third date or more.

Think about you will wear - prepping what you will wear in advance will make you a little relaxed when the date day comes. Make sure that it will be appropriate to the place that you are going.

Get a good rest - getting a good rest before your date will make you physically awake and lively
Listen to music - listening to good music while you are preparing can set your mood and keep you calm.

Don't Panic - hard not to panic because we all want to impress our date at first sight so try to look dazzling but don't overdo it. Look at yourself in the mirror, breath and ask yourself what else is missing.

Wear your best perfume - don't spray too much though, just put a fair amount on your wrist and a little on the back of your ear which are the strongest pulse points.

Tell your best friend - whether it's the first or the second or the third date it is better that your friends, or probably siblings know where you are going or even an idea about who you're going out with.

Fresh Breath - make sure you have fresh breath when you meet your date, I mean clean your teeth and use a mouthwash. Mint gums can also be kept on your bag in case of emergency, in case of a spicy food coming in to the table.

Make a list of good topics - you can look at your date's profile or know his/her interests, try to remember this list on your head. Try not to talk about your issues at home, at the office. Try to start a good joke or ask him some questions that can lead to a good conversation. Don't talk about yourself too much.

Don't drink too much - this is your first date and you are not just having a good time with your friends. You may want to avoid anything that can turn him off. You are on a date and not to get drunk with someone you just met in a bar. This can be your chance to change that Relationship Status from Single to In a Relationship.

Have fun - Have F U N. Remember you are on a date because you want to be happy and you want to have fun. So have a good one.


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