Thursday, 1 December 2011


You think you have done a lot of research about the ideal first date. Really? Just think again! 

Have you really prepared yourself to make your first date a magical one? You have read a lot, may be more than a lot about what to do on your first date. But did you once think about those things that are never, mind it, NEVER, to be done on a date, especially on your first date? If no, then read on because it is rightly said, “PREVENTION is BETTER than CURE”!

Never Brag about Yourself: Selling yourself short? No. But bragging about yourself? A big no! Bragging or boasting is a big turn off! It's true that you need to talk about yourself and let him know what you are because that is how you get to know each other. But, there is a fine line between talking and bragging and you need to maintain that. After all, you don't want him to go home with an impression that you are self-obsessed!

Never Pretend to Be Someone that you are not: This is pretty simple. Just be yourself on a date. You want the other person to love you and respect you for who you are and not for something that you are-but just temporarily!

Let Past Be Past: So you think that he is just the guy and that you want to spend your entire life with him and that he deserves to know everything about you. Hang on! Remember, it's just a date, that too your first date. You may, rather you should tell him about your past (if any) eventually when you see that the two of you are getting into a relationship but talking about your ex on your first date will only piss him off and even if it doesn't piss him off, trust us, it won't do you any good either!

Do Not Get Drunk: This is one golden rule of the first date: DO NOT GET DRUNK. You tend to do a lot of wrong things when you're drunk! A little social drinking is cool but getting high…ahem ahem…u can surely let that pass!

Do Not Try To Get Touchy: Mt aintain a certain necessary distance with him. If you feel the urge to hug him or kiss him, wait till the end of the date. Even at the end, if you have to then kiss him on the cheek and be the first one to move off from a hug. If you push yourself too much onto him, then BEWARE! He might just get the wrong signal!


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